Excel ActiveX Controls For Excel Charts Histograms

Analyse-it for Microsoft Excel
Analyse-it is a statistical analysis and regression tool for Microsoft Excel.
Analyse-it Software, Ltd.
ActiveX Manager
ActiveX Manager cleans unwanted ActiveX controls easily.
4Developers LLC
SPC for MS Excel
It is the perfect tool for statistical analysis and process improvement.
Business Process Improvement

Excel ActiveX Controls for Excel Charts Histograms

Magneto Software Internet Controls Pack
Magneto Software Internet Controls Pack contains our state-of-the-art Internet ActiveX controls: SkD......
Magneto Software
PowerPlugs: Charts
Easily create television-quality PPT charts.
CrystalGraphics, Inc.
LightTool ActiveX Controls
Software for developers for visual basic and C which includes many controls.
Excel ActiveX
Excel ActiveX enable you to create and interact Excel document rapidly!
Any Draw
Novell Active X Controls
Controls for Novell Services abstracts NetWare Services into ActiveX Controls.
Magneto Software System Info Controls Pack
Magneto SoftwareInternet Controls Pack includes popular sytem ActiveX controls.
Magneto Software
Studio Controls for COM
The package includes ActiveX controls for modern Windows UI designs.
dbi Technologies Inc.
Green Belt XL
Excel add-on that creates Six SIgma charts from .xls.
Quality America Inc.
Microsoft Excel add-in which adds statistical analysis features.

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Excel ActiveX Controls for Excel Charts Histograms

AMS Sagitta ActiveX Controls
AMS Sagitta ActiveX Controls:This program will install all the ActiveX Controls.
AMS Services, Inc.
QI Macros SPC Software for Excel
Affordable, easy to use, and accurate. Create charts in seconds.
KnowWare International Inc
SpreadsheetGear 2010 for Windows
SpreadsheetGear is the leading Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheet component.
SpreadsheetGear LLC
OnePager Express
OnePager Express builds Gantt charts from Excel and timelines from Excel.
Chronicle Graphics, Inc
myPM SCG Classic
Generates Project Statistics, S Curves, and Histograms.
Midori Media
Excel Copy and Paste Multiple Charts Into MS PowerPoint Software
Copy multiple charts from MS Excel into a new or existing MS PowerPoint file.
Oracle Siebel CRM ActiveX Controls for Patchset
FNB Business IT
Siebel ActiveX Controls for PatchSet
FNB Business Commercial Technology
OnBase ActiveX Controls for DNA
Agile Upstream